With the government's recent announcement about another national lockdown, many of us may be worried how self-quarantining, especially during winter, may affect our ability to stay active. But fear not, here are our top 5 tips for staying healthy during these troubling times...

Staying active not only helps promote good health, but it also supports our mental wellbeing too. Which, let's be honest, is one of the most important things we need to take care of right now.

If you're keen to continue staying active during lockdown 2.0, or you want to adopt a new positive and healthy lifestyle, then these 5 tips below (along with a free 30 day challenge guide) will help keep you going whilst your self-quarantine this winter...

1. Free YouTube Workouts

With so many free workouts available online, YouTube has become one of the most popular websites for those who are looking to workout from home.

From morning yoga flows to HIIT style workouts, there are practically thousands of exercises for you to choose from. And if working out isn't quite your thing, then why not take up a new dancing routine? Yes, YouTube really does have everything!

But when it comes to Primal friendly workouts, we would suggest picking up a copy of our book, Fat & Furious to see what style of exercises we favour and would personally recommend.

Virtual yoga at home lockdown 2

2. Find a challenge

Finding a challenge to stick to can be a great way to keep you accountable and creating your own 30 day challenge has never been easier...

Simply download our Primal Living 30 Day Challenge Guide, print it off, and fill it in with personal challenges that you'd like to complete during lockdown 2.0.

Click here to download our 30 Day Challenge Guide.

For example, day 1 you may challenge yourself to walk 10K steps and on day 3, you may challenge yourself to a 20 minute morning yoga class... Whatever keeps you moving!

3. At home weight workouts

One thing we like to empathise greatly in our book is the fact that great things can still be achieved even with very small weights or state contraction exercises (holding the muscle tense without movement).

By investing in a pair of dumbbells (these don't have to be heavy at all), you can help maintain the health of your muscles and overall wellbeing by spending just 30-60 minutes per week weight training.

If you don't have any weights at home, then consider making your own with filled water bottles, cans or jars.

If you have no idea where to start with home workouts, then make sure you download our app, Primal Living and again, grab a copy of our book.

4. Walk it out

With more and more people spending the majority of their time sat down, there's no doubt about it that as a nation we need to walk more.

With lockdown 2.0 starting in the early stages of Winter, it's important that we get outside as much as we can. And despite whether it's sunny or not, natural daylight can help improve our mood, increase our motivation and of course, help us stay fit and active.

To get going, we recommend starting each day with a morning walk and if you can (bonus points to you), finish your day with a walk too. These walks don't have to be long or strenuous, they just have to get you moving.

Note: if you're thinking about downloading our 30 Day Challenge Guide, then why not include a short (or long) walk every day too?

Stay active by walking outdoors

5. Creating a mindful habit

We understand how difficult it can be to take up a new hobby or to move when you really don't feel like moving, but one method that has been proven to work is creating a new habit on top of an already existing habit.

You see, once a habit has already formed, it's easy to include it into our everyday routine. Take brushing your teeth for example. That's a habit that you've done every single day throughout your life, so why not build another habit onto a habit that you already do?

If you want to stay active during lockdown, but you fear you won't keep at it, then adding a new habit onto an already existing habit may help motivate you to so do.

Here are a few ideas to help get you started...

Make your bed > 10 minute morning stretch

Brushing your teeth > 20 walking lunges

Lunchtime meal > a walk around the block

End of work day > 20 minute yoga flow

Primal Living exercise tips:

  • Download the free Primal Living app. It will help you both measure your sessions and also motivate you to push that little bit harder. Pstt, it's free too!
  • Remember that with some exercises, great things can be achieved even with very small weights.
  • With our Max Out approach (as discussed in our book), we achieve greater results by putting all of our effort into just one set per session. In other words, just performing each exercise once.
  • To ensure we Max Out, it is not possible to aim for a precise time or a nice round number of reps - we finish only when we have maxed out.

Most importantly, whatever you do these next 4 weeks during winter lockdown, make sure you enjoy it so that you keep coming back for more.

We'd also love to see your plan for your 30 Day Challenge so make sure you tag us on Instagram, @theprimalliving and don't forget to download it here.

Good luck everyone and keep staying positive,

The Primal Team x