Christmas Gift Ideas For Health & Wellness Lovers

It's that time of year when we cheer loud for all to hear and try to think of something a little different to surprise a loved one with. But fear not, we have a list worth checking twice full of gift ideas for all health and wellness lovers alike.

From natural cosmetics to organic bamboo bedding, we have the perfect Christmas gift ideas for him and her. Plus, if you choose to send your gift to a loved one's home address, you can send it with your own gift note too.

Primal Living Christmas gift ideas for her

YouBamboo Bedding

If you know us, there's one thing you should know... We love our bamboo range and so do our customers! Our Bamboo fibre is to cotton, what cashmere is to wool. You just can’t help but love its softness.

Made with 100% Oeko-Tex Standard 100 bamboo fibre, these bedding sets are naturally soft and silky, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial.

Bamboo’s natural thermo fibre properties will keep your warmer than cotton in the winter and cooler in the summer, while its micro fibre provides both absorption and ventilation to help absorb sweat and keep you 3 to 4 times drier than cotton. If there's a perfect, all round winner this Christmas, then this gift will be it. Believe us.


Collagen Drinks

Let's face it, you can't go wrong with a beauty gift at Christmas and in our opinion, our Collagen Drinks range is the perfect gift for any women - young or wise!

Collagen is a natural component of the skin, a structural protein called amino acid which forms your connective tissue and skin. It helps the skin to preserve its firmness and elasticity. During the natural ageing process, skin loses its firmness, causing wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Collagen levels can start to deplete as early as age 20, so don’t just think of anti-ageing strategies for age 60+.

Whether you choose our Collagen Shots (which come beautifully packaged in individual glass shots) or our Collagen Powder (which you can add to your drink and enjoy) our Collagen Drinks contain Verisol®, a source of natural bioactive collagen peptides and can help boost your collagen levels naturally.



Natural Creams

Our Natural Creams are one of our most-loved beauty products here at Primal Living and come in a range of gorgeous scents. Not only are they free from artificial colourings or synthetic alcohol but most of them are at least 95% natural.



Slender Blender

For all those inspiring foodies you know, why not make Christmas perfect with our Slender Blender Pro or Lite? Whether you choose the Blender Lite (perfect for smoothies) or the Blender Pro (food processor and smoothie blender) you really can't go wrong with a good ol' kitchen gadget. Pstt, they're available in two colours too!


Natural Argan Oil Hair Care Conditioner Mask

Preach self-care this Christmas and gift our Natural Argan Oil Hair Care Mask for those who love a little pamper every now and then.

As always, we've kept things natural with this hair mask and packed it with organic argan oil, shea butter and aloe vera. Argan oil is hailed by hair experts for its hair-saving benefits, thanks to impressive levels of vitamin E, as well as ferulic acid and essential fatty acids that your hair will love. Overall, argan oil is packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidants which encourage healthy hair growth.

Our argan oil hair care mask also contains shea butter, which is renowned for restoring moisture -  especially helpful for the ends of your hair, or hair that has become damaged by heat styling or colouring. Shea butter is very good at sealing in moisture, as well as being filled with vitamin A, E and fatty acids which help with reducing hair breakage and repairing split or dry ends.


Alpine Swiss CBD

We've included our Alpine Swiss CBD for a few reasons. It's ability to help improve sleep quality, decrease levels of anxiety, increase mood and for it's anti-inflammatory properties - to name a few.

Because nothing says I care about you (and your health) than our CBD collection.



Primal Living Christmas gift ideas for him

YouBamboo Boxer Shorts

We all know just how much men love to stock up on their undergarments of choice at Christmas time, so why not go eco-friendly this year and introduce them to our incredibly soft bamboo boxers?

Our YouBamboo boxer shorts come in a pair of two (black and navy blue) and are naturally anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties. Plus, they're super-soft and extra comfortable with an elasticated waistband.



YouBamboo Socks

Oh, and who doesn't want to receive a fresh pair of socks? Even better, a eco-friendly pair of socks! Just like our bamboo boxers, our YouBamboo socks are 100% biodegradable and contain anti-bacterial properties too.

Bamboo fibres seem to be made for socks as they have all the qualities everyone wants in a pair of socks. They're super-soft, breathable and thanks to the moisture-wicking properties of bamboo, they'll also help keep your feet feeling fresh and toasty too.


ProLife CBD Body Salve

For those suffering with aches & pains, inflammatory skin, muscle aches, psoriasis, eczema or more, our ProLife CBD Body Salve could be the perfect thoughtful gift.

Hand blended to create a luxurious and deep-conditioning body salve, our CBD Salve contains 100% natural and organic ingredients. It also contains cannabinoid rich hemp extract with 300mg CBD. But don't worry, all our CBD products contain no trace amount of THC (the stuff that gets you high!).


The Primal Cure - Britain Is Sick Book

When in doubt, gift a book! Written by Primal Living's founder, Steve Bennett, The Primal Cure reveals how misguided research, corporate greed and outdated government advice has tainted our perception of what it means to be healthy.

Backed by qualified GPs and revered medical professionals, Steve Bennett's holistic approach to health, wellbeing and happiness, details how we can drastically reduce our chances of suffering from diabetes, heart disease and mental illness. 



Natural Energy Drink, Noggin

Perfect for gym-goers, desk workers or adventurers, our natural energy drink, Noggin, contains natural caffeine and is the perfect stocking filler.

Noggin has been carefully formulated to provide the benefits of vitamins and minerals such as Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), Iron, Vitamin B6 and Iron. Our natural energy drink is flavoured with natural apple, meaning it tastes great, too. Forget those energy drinks that are laced with hidden sugars and artificial caffeine: Noggin delivers clean energy for your mind, reduces tiredness and fatigue, contributes to normal mental performance and normal cognitive function.

Natural plant extracts such as L-Theanine, an amino acid found in black and green tea, and Korean Ginseng are full of their own health benefits which boost the efficacy of this natural energy drink. 


As well as our fabulous gift ideas below, we also have our wonderful subscription service where you can subscribe a loved one their favourite products. So whether you're really stuck for ideas or have a family member who would benefit from receiving their supplements monthly (or whenever you choose), our subscription service could be a firm winner too. It's also super easy to cancel if you ever change you're mind too - although, we're confident you won't!



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