I'm delighted to bring you my first edition of Ask Steve - a blog post dedicated to answering a handful of your questions from the comment section of a post on our Primal Living Facebook & Instagram page.

Ask Steve: Q&A with Primal Living's founder, Steve Bennett

In today's edition I'll be discussing my longest fast, future plans for our YouBamboo range, my thoughts on the safety of the Covid vaccine & more.

"Do you think the covid vaccination is safe to have?" - Emma

Yes, I do. I understand people are concerned as there is so much confusing & false information out there, but I'm listening to the experts on this one.

"Is it true you are stopping selling ProLife CBD?" - Kirsty

Yes, we are. But don't fret, we're still selling CBD! With so many things changing around the world and with the effects of Brexit now in full swing, we have made a few changes to our product line up at Primal, including our CBD range.

To keep things as efficient as possible, we now only stock products that we either manufacture ourselves or those that are created by companies within our group. You can still continue to purchase CBD by taking a look at our own range of CBD, created with our partners in Switzerland: Alpine CBD.

"Are you planning to do more podcasts?" - Gill

Yes, we have a new series coming soon which I'm really excited for! Make sure you follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram & YouTube) to stay updated.

"I have just bought two boxes of the excellent bamboo socks, are there plans to have them in jazzier colours and also three of the same colours?" - Nicola

So pleased to hear you love them, Nicola. At some point this year YouBamboo plan on launching a few new sets - most likely in the same colour too! Make sure you stay updated on their website and social media pages.

"Are there any other designs and colours coming for the ladies bamboo knickers, and will there be smaller sizes available in tops and leggings please" - Alison

YouBamboo's smallest women’s size can be found on the YouBamboo website (which is XS for both leggings and tops). We don’t intend on doing anything smaller than that at the moment, but of course are taking all feedback onboard.

As for the tops and leggings, we are looking into developing new styles in the women’s bottoms collection and hope to bring those out in the summer time.

"Is taking Slimshotz breaking a fast? Thanks." - Monica

No, drinking SlimShotz daily will not break your fast if you're sticking to the rules. SlimShotz contains a very small amount of calories which won't break your fast. I take SlimShotz almost every day for two reasons. 1) It helps support my body during long fasts by making me feel fuller for longer and 2) it's brilliant for increasing your fibre intake during long periods of fasts which unfortunately, can be difficult to consume when you're not eating for a few days at a time.

SlimShotz contains a natural ingredient called Glucomannan, which is extracted from the root of the Konjac plant. It works by expanding up to 50x in your stomach, which sets off your stretch receptors and sends the hormone 'leptin' up to the brain, which ultimately tells us we're full!.

"Will primal be getting higher strength CBD oil? Like 30/40 %" - Jules

We don't have any plans at the moment, but if you want to increase the strength, then simply increase the dosage by taking more drops than usual of our Alpine Swiss CBD. This is what we recommend to all customers at the moment.

"What is the longest you've fasted for Steve? And what is your first meal post fast?" - Jenny

5 days is my longest fast, but I really want to try a 7 day fast at some point. It would be tough, but I'd love to see the results!

As for my first post-fast meal, I love a good steak stir fry with konjac noodles. Grabbing your meat from the butchers is the best way to go when it comes to eating meat. If you can't afford it, try asking for cheaper cuts like liver which is just as good and nutritious.

If you haven't already, check out my Zero Calories - Five Days - 100 Miles documentary on YouTube which see's fasting for 5 days whilst walking/running 100 miles!

"I'm always wondering how your body can cope with so many days fasting? I have to admit I find it difficult to understand, because when I have fasted, I always pass out. Drs I have spoken to say it is dangerous?" - Lindsey

My Health Reset course is great for understand this & how to slowly adapt your body to a different way of eating & living.

Over the years, my body has slowly adapted to the way I eat and in some way, it has been trained to do so. It's not a quick transition and I certainly don't encourage anyone to suddenly start fasting a silly amount of hours, as the body just won't be used to it!

What I do recommend however, is doing as much research as you can & researching into Doctors who also follow a low carb lifestyle for professional advice. Again, this is where my book, Fat & Furious and my 49-day guided course, Health Reset comes in. Both of which are backed up by leading experts & professionals in the fields.

If you'd like to hear from those who have already recently finished their Health Reset journey, then make sure you read our latest blog post: Health Reset Success Stories & Reviews.

"Do you do freeze dried organ supplements?" - Frank

We don't at this moment in time, but we're always taking on board new supplement ideas & requests as we continue to grow as a business.

When it comes to organ meat however, I would recommend asking your butcher for leftover organ meats (which are most of the time very cheap as nobody likes the thought of them) and consume them naturally - you can't get anymore natural than that!

"I'd love to know what supplements you recommend for pain & inflammation." - Marie

Without a doubt, Turmeric Curcumin. For many, many years, curcumin (from turmeric) has been known to provide anti-inflammatory properties, while studies suggest it also aids in the management of oxidative conditions, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, anxiety and hyperlipidemia.

It's important to note however, that simply ingesting curcumin by itself (having a teaspoon or tablespoon at dinner time for example) does not provide the body with the associated health benefits due to its poor bio availability. Which is why a high quality supplement like ours is important if you want the body to absorb the benefits.

Please note: you should always consult your local GP before taking any new or additional supplements.

If pain and inflammation is a real issue for you, I would also suggest taking a look at your diet and how much you move daily. A diet high in sugar, dairy, carbohydrates and proceed foods can aggravate and even promote inflammation & pain in the body.

That's it, everyone. Thanks for reading! Stay safe and be sure to follow Primal Living for future 'Ask Steve' posts to get your questions in.