Weight loss shakes, meal replacement drinks, diet drinks - whatever you want to call them. Unhealthy. A fad. Don't work. Simple as that.

Yet at one point or another, we've all probably spent a fortune on them (because these things aren't cheap let's face it), and we're still unhappy with where we're at and left wondering why we aren't seeing the results we'd been promised. The thing is, if they actually worked, those huge corporations selling us a dream of a slender figure and weight loss would all be out of a job and we wouldn't still be a nation struggling with obesity now would we?!

And if you're one of the lucky ones that has managed to shift a few pounds then I applaud your commitment to the cause. But come off them, go back to your normal routine...then tell me they worked. And if you're still not convinced, I urge you to read this post on the psychology behind diets and diet fads. If you were on the fence before - you certainly won't be now!

So perhaps it's time to re-evaluate our options and ditch those poisonous shakes and slimming products for good.

I promise you there are far healthier and alternative ways of losing weight - and these quick fixes just aren't it. The aim now is to educate ourselves as to why this is so and to help us see that unhealthy fad diets and synthetic products will just lead us on the road to disaster and unhappiness. 

Instead we should be using natural remedies and alternatives, such as SlimShotz, and combining that with a lifestyle change, in line with that of our primal ancestors, that advocates good health, wellbeing and longevity over a diet of restriction and synthetic products.

So, let's take a look at the top 6 reasons why those shakes aren't working.

#1 - Full of Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners

What's the first rule behind the secret to weight loss success? No sugar! Why? Because as most of us probably know, sugar spikes insulin levels in the body. This means that our bodies then start burning sugar instead of fat. (And for those of you who've looked into living primally, you'll know that the key to losing weight is to burn fat!) As a result, our bodies then cling on to our fat reserves instead and we end up losing little to no weight at all. Scientific fact. 

I hear your confused thoughts here. Why would products claiming to help us lose weight be full of sugar and artificial flavourings? Surely that defeats the object? Well yes it does. But it also makes these companies very rich. Sugar is addictive. In fact, it's the devil. And this is what these companies are thriving off - our addictive tendencies and desire to lose weight. And think about it, if these things tasted horrible, we wouldn't want to drink them in the first place. And nobody wants to pay for something they don't like. Which is why these shakes are pumped full of sugar and all other sorts of hidden nasties. It makes these products completely counter-productive and shows just how much these companies are making a mockery out of us!

#2 - Insufficient Fibre and Protein

Fibre and protein are two essential elements required as part of any weight loss or healthy living program. Both of these nutrients help to keep our bodies in a satiated state.

And you'd think that being such an essential ingredient to our diet, there would be a high volume of these in those meal replacement drinks. After all, on a diet we're not eating much 'food' so need to get fibre and protein from somewhere right? Wrong. The majority of weight loss shakes and drinks on the market actually contain very little fibre or even protein. So there's nothing in there to tell us we're even remotely full or satisfied from what we've consumed.

SlimShotz, however is packed full of fibre is packed full of fibre and natural ingredients. And it's the fibre in SlimShotz (predominantly from the glucomannan) that helps us to feel fuller for longer and essentially helps us eat less.

And for those sceptics amongst us who just think I'm trying to sell you another fad, I can assure you I'm not. The core ingredient in SlimShotz has been approved by the EU and scientifically recognised to aid weight loss. Check it out if you're unsure.

#3 - Synthetic Flavourings and Ingredients

I probably don't need to say much more here other than many ingredients used in slimming products are NOT natural. 

And if we want to be living a long, happy and healthy life, we must be consuming wholesome foods that provide us with an abundance of naturally produced vitamins and minerals.

The ingredients used in these synthetic drinks don't come from any food based sources. Making it really hard for our bodies to digest and absorb.

If you feel the need to use an aid to support weight loss and find a drink easier to consume then go for the natural ones, such as SlimShotz, that are made with only the finest ingredients and aren't full of harmful chemicals and poisonous toxins.

#4 - It's Not Real Food

To support a healthy lifestyle, our bodies need wholesome, nourishing, real food - and these meal replacement drinks are often the furthest thing away from that.

Real food offers us all the nutrients we need and more. So if we start eliminating real food from our diet in place of shakes we can quickly start to develop vitamin deficiencies and health related problems because we're just not getting what we need. 

It's important to have a varied diet, and again, if we're after something that's going to curb the cravings to snack and suppress our appetite until dinner time, then SlimShotz is the perfect alternative over these meal replacement shakes. Because it means we can still eat wholesome, nutrient rich food, it'll just be a little bit less of it!

#5 - Not Sustainable and Prevents Good Nutrition

If it's not sustainable that sort of defeats the object of trying to lose weight in essence doesn't it?! Plus, if you're avoiding food, then either fasting, or eating smaller portions of healthy nutritional food is surely better.

In order for us to try and maintain a lifestyle for long term health benefits, happiness and longevity, it's important that we enjoy it. I'm not sure about you, but drinking shakes all day, unless they're full of nutrients and fibre, fills me with dread.

Not only that, once we start eating normally again (after we've had enough of drinking nutritionally deficient meals!) - the weight will start to creep back on. Because a crazy drink led diet is unsustainable and boring to say the least!

#6 - Affects Real Weight Loss Goals

That leads us quite nicely on to our last point. In that meal replacement drinks are just another unhealthy fad diet that these huge corporations have led us to believe actually work. As I mentioned before, our bodies need real food, combined with a healthy lifestyle to help us lose weight. 

The idea of taking these shakes and drinks in the long term is ludicrous and unsustainable.

And I've no doubt that there's an element of success to it, and the majority of us would probably see a bit of a drop in our weight to begin with. But think of it this way - this is because we're ultimately taking in less calories than before, and the minute we go back to a normal routine, our weight will start to pile back on.

Not only this, living on a nutritionally deficient diet of meal replacement drinks leaves us feeling deprived, restricted, low in energy and craving everything we know is bad for us. So we end up right back to where we started, in a psychological state of despair not knowing what to do and how to lose the weight we're so desperately trying to. Like I've said before, it's a vicious cycle!


Before I move on and conclude this piece, it's worth noting that lack of support and not understanding the root cause of our weight issues are also contributing factors as to why so often, these fads don't work. It's important that we undertake anything like this for the right reasons and that we have the support of loved ones to help us through it when the going gets tough. Psychology plays such a huge part in any sort of lifestyle change and it's so important that we take this into consideration when we decide we want to better ourselves. We must keep in mind that it's better to develop lifelong habits such as exercising, reducing stress, sleeping well and maintaining a healthy relationship with food to help us achieve our goals. This article pinpoints this to a tee - it's definitely worth a read.

So, we've established that weight loss shakes and meal replacement drinks don't work as part of a sustainable, healthy diet. They are an unhealthy fad, normally deficient in nutrients and fibre, mass produced and often full of harmful toxins and synthetic ingredients.

If we're looking for something to help in our quest for weight loss, or to even just maintain a healthy lifestyle, then we should be opting for those that are full of natural ingredients and offer as much nutritional value as possible.

Our new hero product, SlimShotz, offers exactly that. 100% natural and actually proven to help us lose weight unlike many of the other slimming products out there on the market. Formulated and produced in the UK - it really does work and isn't just another fad or craze. It's here for the long haul! You can find out more about our new product and the secret to its magic here.